Our Prayer for You


I invite you to relax and get comfortable in your chair and take a few deep breaths. Feel yourself releasing all tensions, thoughts about the day or week ahead, worries, and open up to Divine Love.

You are that Divine Love. It is not separate from you. It is not a part of you. It is you. It is The All of You. Love is one of the organizing and animating principles of The Universe and it is the one we choose to activate in all matters of our lives. Love is at the center of every thought, every relationship, every decision to be made. When we choose to act out of the inherent LOVE that we are, there can be no mistakes, no wrong decisions, no wrong outcomes. Even if it is not the outcome that our conscious mind would like, it is the right outcome and the divine outcome.

We don't just live this love on this morning, in this sacred gathering of hearts within a single spirit. We love every day. For with love at the center of all, we experience inner peace, clarity, and acceptance. And we see the prevailing Goodness around us with clearer vision. We see not just what is wrong but what is right within lives, within others, within nature. We don't see the trees blackened by fire but the trees that have prevailed and are producing new leaves. We see caterpillars as soon to be butterflies. We feel the innocent love of animals and children. We notice the smiles of strangers and key in to stories about human kindness rather than hatred and crime.

For the power of love to uplift, to bring healing and wholeness to all that is, we are deeply grateful.

And so it is.

May 1, 2022



We open ourselves today to peace. When it seems distant and out of our control, we remember that we control what we see and experience and project. And it comes from within us. Whatever circumstances swirl around us or in the world, we CLAIM our inner peace. We are guided to keep ourselves strong and without fear, and we do whatever we can to promote peace and harmony. We find ways to help others and to be "instruments of God's peace," as the prayer of St. Francis calls us to be.

We send our collective prayers for peace and resolution across the globe to Ukraine, that its people, our brothers and sisters and children in humanity, know they are not alone. They are comforted and uplifted in the knowledge that so many people across the world are joining in prayer, creating a spiritual forcefield to guide them to safety, to support them in loss, to empower them to stand for their right to autonomy, and to summon the power of justice to bring a quick resolution to this crisis.

We release our prayers, knowing they are already at work manifesting a right and just outcome. And for that we are so deeply grateful.


March 6, 2022