Planned Giving

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Generosity is my natural state. I easily expand and extend into experiences of abundance and prosperity.

Unity of Santa Rosa's Planned Giving Program enables congregants and friends to help build the long-term prosperity of the church. Through planned future gifts, donors have an enduring opportunity for giving. Planned giving is the promise of future financial gifts upon the passing of the giver. It is an intentional act that leaves a lasting legacy in the giver's name and sustains the powerful work of this church for generations to come.

Gifts that are typically donated include:

  • bequest in a will
  • living trust
  • life insurance policy
  • IRA or retirement funds
  • personal property, such as a car

Four Easy Steps for Giving to the Planned Giving Program

  1. Make the commitment to give.
  2. Identify your gift goals.
  3. Notify your legal advisor, insurance carrier, or fund administrator to revise or establish your will, trust, insurance policy, and/or estate, making Unity of Santa Rosa a beneficiary.
  4. Notify Unity of Santa Rosa of your gift commitment so we may hold you in prayer and honor you with recognition if you so wish. Gifts can also be made anonymously.

Insurance policies, wills, retirement, and investment funds can all have more than one beneficiary, so your estate can benefit both your family and your church community. Always seek the counsel of an attorney and/or a licensed, certified estate planner or financial professional when considering these options.

For additional information from the church, please contact the Board of Trustees at 707-542-7729.

With our Planned Giving Program, there is never an obligation to give; there is only an opportunity to give, acknowledging our shared values and dedication to Unity principles.