Speakers: Dr. Barbara Leger

Dr. Barbara Leger









After almost 20 years of guiding TEMENOS Ukraine/US, Dr. Barbara Leger is on to a new adventure, still in Ukraine, with the intention of bringing the new program to the US in 2022.
In Spring of 2020, Dr. Barbara helped create a new nonprofit in Ukraine called WE: Stand for the Future. The first public school project, called The Understanding Peace Project, brings New Thought teachings to young people in a practical way that builds an inner compass and the character to use it.
Now, with the US board, the Ukraine staff, and four practitioners, Dr. Barbara has formalized her lifelong focus on peace, affiliated with CSL and partnering with other like-minded organizations wanting more peace, joy, harmony, and success in their own service methods. Her project is called Golden Path of Peace. The focus is young people and their adults.