Speakers: Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel


Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is a longtime student of metaphysics and a spiritual teacher in the mystical tradition. Patricia was the Founding Minister of Unity of Berkeley 2000-2013 and is now the part-time Minister of Unity of Santa Rosa. Her study and frequent trips to India over the past 16 years bring a unique depth to her work as East meets Western spirituality. 

Rev. Dr. Patricia is passionate about helping seekers find their inner connection to the Divine, and to guide people out of stress and disconnection into the creative field of authentic purpose and possibility. Her work as a spiritual teacher, coach, speaker, author and facilitator/trainer spans over 32 years with diverse groups from all cultures, faiths, and traditions.

Patricia is a best selling author in the 2021 Vol. 5 Ultimate Guide to Self Healing...Chapter 10-Divine Discontent: Finding Your True Self in Times of Transition. Her private coaching and online courses are devoted to helping women in midlife transitions who have left long-term relationships and are ready to discover their deeper purpose and make a contribution in the world.