Speakers: Rev. Larry Schneider

Rev. Larry Schneider







Born in Knoxville, Tennessee, and raised in the beautiful Gulf Coast community of Clearwater, Florida, Rev. Larry Schneider sees his life as a magical journey that has led him to many opportunities. He served as an Air Force medic, emergency medical technician, university faculty, public health program administrator, and Unity minister. Larry's journey for a Doctorate came to an unexpected end when he discovered something far more valuable than any degree--his wife, Paula. Larry and Paula left graduate studies and moved to Tallahassee, Florida where Paula introduced Larry to Unity.

Larry believes that every person comes into this life with a divine mission. His is: "to awaken, remember, and transform spiritual consciousness in himself and others." Larry's fellow ministers and Truth Students describe him as delightful, mystical, fun-filled, caring and light-hearted. Larry's greatest joys come when he helps others discover their true spiritual mission and when he joins in co-creating a spiritual community where everyone is productive, valued, and supported.