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Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel









May 16th
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: TBA


Rev. Larry Schneider








May 23rd
Rev. Larry Schneider
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: "Create Your Own Mental Mudroom"

Imagine that your mind is like a house with a mudroom--a room in a house designed especially for the shedding of dirty or wet footwear and clothing before entering the main house. What would your life be like if you could create a mudroom for your mind, one where you could discard any initial unproductive thoughts or reactions so your interior mind remains wholesome and undisturbed? Rev. Larry describes how both Jesus and modern neuroscience teach us about the value of a mudroom and how, by taking some very simple steps, we, too, can build a mental mudroom for ourselves.

May 30th
Dr. Brenda Wade
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: "Is It Too Late for Great Love? Secrets to Transformative Love at Every Stage of Life"
Workshop to Follow Service

Are you looking at your love life and feeling: lonely, tired, bored, or angry? You aren't alone. Most of us have faced challenges in our love lives. It doesn't matter whether you are newly wed or newly single, young in years or young at heart, love is the greatest challenge of all. Why? Because we don't get real love training early in life. "Great love is a spiritual opportunity to ignite our growth and evolution," says Dr. Brenda Wade, founder of Modern Love and Relationship Training.
We have four power centers--body, emotions, mind, and spirit--that we must train in order to expand our capacity to love throughout our lives. Dr. Brenda joins Unity of Santa Rosa for an energizing, fun "love training." You will love mastering new proven secrets to generate great love!