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Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel








October 2nd
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel, In Person, You May Also Join Via Zoom, Call 707-542-7729 for Link
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: "The Wisdom of Hildegard von Bingen"

Honoring Wisdom in Our Unity Principles

My inspiration during graduate school was the woman mystic Hildegard von Bingen. I took a pilgrimage to Rudesheim, Germany and spent time with the sisters at the Abbei of Saint Hildegard in the winter of 2000 before starting Unity of Berkeley. I've been greatly impacted by her work and her words and find this particular poem an inspiration in so many ways.

Who are the prophets?
They are a royal people,
who penetrate mystery
and see with spirit's eyes.

In illuminating darkness they speak out.
They are living, penetrating clarity.
They are a blossom blooming only
on the shoot that is rooted in the
flood of light

This Sunday we will explore her wisdom and connect the dots with our Unity tradition to discover the impact of this woman who lived centuries ago (1098-1179) on today's spirituality.