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Rev. Larry Schneider







August 14th
Rev. Larry Schneider, Via Zoom, Call 707-542-7729 for Link
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: "Hidden Treasure Within"

What if a trusted authority announced that there was a treasure ($1,000,000) hidden on the church property? We all know what $1 M looks like and I'll bet people immediately begin a frantic search for the treasure. Yet, tell people there's a spark of divinity within them--something we affirm every week--and the reaction is usually quite different. Rather than a frantic search, there's mostly head scratching since most people don't know how to begin the search or even what this spark will look like when they find it. Rev. Larry has enthusiastically searched for and found pieces of that mystical treasure over the years and today he shares insights and practical techniques he uses as an inspiration to continually focus on and search for the hidden treasure within.