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Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel






April 18th
Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel
Music by Guy Richards
Lesson: "Meeting Unity Again for the First Time"

One of my important books as I studied to become a Unity Minster was Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time by Marcus Bach. He's not a Unity teacher, but his awareness of the message of Unity always brought a fresh understanding to my spiritual experience.
This Sunday I invite you to bring fresh eyes and ears to our beloved Unity and discover again what draws us back to the well of Jesus’s message and life.
Imbibe of the New Wine from the New Wineskins. Feel the Joy of this New Day as we drink from the ever-flowing fountain that is Unity.

Rev. Dr. Patricia Keel is a longtime student of metaphysics and a spiritual teacher in the mystical tradition. Patricia was the Founding minister of Unity of Berkeley and is currently a frequent Guest Minister at Unity churches. Her study in India over the past 14 years brings a unique depth to her work as East meets Western spirituality. She is an Advanced Trainer, Oneness Meditator, One Consciousness Transformer and Ekam Circle Facilitator for O&O Academy. Rev. Dr. Patricia is passionate about helping seekers find their inner connection to the Divine, and to guide people out of stress and disconnection into the creative field of limitless possibilities. Her work as a teacher, coach, speaker, and trainer spans over 30 years with diverse groups from all cultures, faiths, and traditions.


Rev. Margaret Flick







April 25th
Rev. Margaret Flick
Music by Star Tom
Lesson: TBA

Rev. Margaret Flick was ordained in 2010, and received her Master of Divinity from Unity Institute that same year. She has served many ministries in the Bay Area as a speaker, teacher, and consultant. Her ministries include Unity of Santa Cruz and, most recently, Unity of Santa Rosa, where she is now Minister Emeritus.
Margaret continues to volunteer for Hospice Services of Lake County as a co-facilitator for bereavement groups, and is now part of community outreach to clergy and on the team developing workshops for spiritual leaders. She writes articles for Unity’s website and booklets. She was on the Board of Unity’s West Central Region for four years and served as regional chaplain for 3 years.
Margaret believes that being of service is one of the greatest spiritual tools to develop compassion, empathy, and spiritual fortitude.